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  • I am unable to rid myself of malware/virus following a miserable year in which sky/one drive persistance to auto-load a profile changing my machine (a home PC). I am not skilled, as well as Geek Squad-in determining exactly the nature of my trouble. I believe my Toshiba C55-A is a virtual/emulation on hosting on a Microsoft Enterprise server--for DDos/malicious activity. It is tunneling IPV4 in 6 using adapters that I did not install, using subnet masking. My LAN wakes on packets/unattended. I find the machine opening portals such as APD for multiple institutions/business Users who access accounts at home. It is installing keyloggers on/and hosts average of 20-22 users. All of this is visible from my end; however, Windows logs/security reports are empty and turned off. Of the thousands of files I see presently--I have access to 0. I have had 12 machines rendered useless in the course of this last year. Have also wiped clean and restored 30 occassions, to no avail. HELP PLEASE.
    Friday, January 2, 2015 12:55 AM