WS2012E domain, upgrade through installation of WS2016 . what to watch out for?


  • I have built and run Windows Server 2012 essentials domain at home for 5 years, most recently rebuilding it on low powered (Qotom) hardware. It is domain controller only,  no client PCs are registered.

    What I have is 

    - copy and key of Windows 2016 Datacenter (through Dreamspark/Imagine)

    - desire to automatically backup two Win10 clients and get partial file and full system recovery 

    My intended approach was

    - install WS2016 on a different hardware I have available 

    - install Essentials role

    - "migrate" the AD, shut down old server


    - any suggestions? Should I add new server to the existing domain to run the upgrade? Should I build new domain and make clients leave old domain altogether and rejoin new one?

    Thank you 

    Saturday, December 02, 2017 7:22 PM


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