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  • Hopefully someone on the MDT forum can help with this and shed some light (at least for me) on this issue.

    I need to build a reference image of Windows 10 x64 using MDT 2013 Update 2.

    In the first place, all reference image-sources will be stored on a physical PC running Windows 8.1 Client, Windows 10 ADK, MDT 2013 Update 2 and Hyper-V. Since there is no domain environment available, I do the following to create a reference image:
    1. Populating MDT deployment share with OS, apps, packages, etc.
    2. Create offline media ISO
    3. Build reference VM in Hyper-V, connected to physical build PC by a virtual, internal network switch.
    4. Boot VM from the previously generated offline media.

    However, when the Deployment Wizard (in the VM) prompts for the location to store the "captured WIM file", it cannot connect to the "Captures" folder on the physical PC (despite the internal VM network switch, allowing a connection to the physical PC).
    The Wizard states that it is "unable to connect to UNC path" even though the "captures" folder has been shared and has read&write permissions for "everybody".

    Setting up the default domain environment as featured in the TechNet article on "Creating Windows 10 reference image" would be far too complex for the needs of the company I'm working for. Establishing a domain environment would be only the solution of last ressort; so if there  is any simple solution on this, I will greatly appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance.

    Keith Russelfield
    PS: This is my first post on TechNet, so hopefully I have posted into the correct category.

    Wednesday, July 13, 2016 12:08 PM


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  • This sounds some kind a weird to me, why can't you save captured iso file on hyper-v host?

    how do you type your UNC? Hope you are using IP address instead of hostname? Ofc you should be able to ping your Hyper-V host from your physical PC and vice-versa

    Wednesday, July 13, 2016 12:21 PM
  • Though I do it that way, it still does not work. Perhaps, I have not become clear enough about my environment:

    The Hyper-V Host PC - to which the captured file should be saved - is connected to the VMs by a Hyper-V internal switch.

    The internal switch, for instance, has the IP: - Subnet:

    Obviously, I can access the Captures folder by typing "\\\Captures" in IE or File Explorer on the Hyper-V Host PC.

    When I paste this UNC path into the location field of the MDT Wizard (that runs in the virtual machine - which is connected to the Hyper-V-Host by this exact switch), however, the wizard keeps saying "unable to connect to UNC path". What do I do wrong?

    Really appreciate anything helpful!

    Keith Russelfield

    Wednesday, July 13, 2016 2:43 PM
  • It must be a UNC path. You can't use a local drive for this.

    Many questions such as where do I find logs and what logs are interesting are found in: MDT TechNet Forum - FAQ & Getting Started Guide Please take the time to read it. Also if you don't post logs your problem won't be easily solved.

    Thursday, July 14, 2016 1:40 AM
  • Keith, need some more trouble shooting from you.

    from the cmd.exe window, create a new folder called: \\\captures\foo

    Then create a file in the foo directory. it should work.

    if it does not, then figure out the permission problems. Remember, that a folder can have permissions on the folder itself, and against the share, both must be set to R/W. Additionally ensure that your user has the correct write permissions to the Folder and share.

    Keith Garner - Principal Consultant [owner] -

    Sunday, July 17, 2016 2:16 AM