Record center - with terms / metadata RRS feed

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  • Hi we are having a discussion about the record center and managed meta data.

    We have the following situation: Within the team sites we use managed meta data terms (3 columns). These documents within the team sites have a content type and are by an information policy or manually send to the record center. The discussion we have is if the record center should keep the columns with the terms as a managed meta data column or if we should set the column to a text field: (the term will be stored as term|GUID). 

    The record center is a separate site collection and contain 200.000 records at one time. Total amount of record can scale up to 4 Mil for all departments.


    My question what is the best practice here: Keep the fields as managed meta data in the record center: possible downsite performance? Or convert them to a text field? Possible benefits performance and easier to export. Down site no metadata filtering. Please advice.


    Friday, January 6, 2012 9:04 AM