Windows Media Player 64Bit pauses songs when using 6GB of RAM RRS feed

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  • Hi,
    I'm experiencing a strange problem with Windows Media Player 64bit on Vista Ultimate.
    Until march this year I have been using 2GB of memory from OCZ and with that I have used 2 slots out of 4. In march I decided to buy additional memory. Now I have 2 sticks (how to call them?) with 1 GB each and 2 sticks with 2 GB each.
    Until yesterday I have been using the 2x2 only in order to find out whether they work or make any problems. Well they worked. Now I plugged in all 4 sticks. They are from the same product line with same configurations etc and the system seems to work fine except Windows Media Player. If I try to play a song it takes ages until it starts and when it plays the song, it'll pause it every once in a while. However: The application is not freezing as the status bar of the play time continues to become bigger.

    Any idea why this happens or what I can do?

    Additional information: My motherboard from Gigabyte supports Intel software controlling the fans. If I enable that and plug in all 6 GB, the fans will not start spinning at boot time and the system reboots. There is nothing shown at the screen yet at that time and no sound occurs out of the tower.

    MSP Germany
    Sunday, June 29, 2008 9:54 AM