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    This has been bothering me for sometime now..why does Windows allocate drive space for the ENTIRE SVI? I mean it does for the Page File. If I say use 30gigs of a 300gig drive shouldn't Windows "reserve" 30gigs instead of builong up to that amount.

    I've already had to turn off System Protection 5 times now because SVI ends up scattered all over the drive. It's really frustrating to see SVI created and in one nice "line" on Defraggler (64). Only to see SVI's files scattered to throughout the 'used' areas of the drive by week's end*.

    *Like right now I'm looking at SVI's files that use to be all in one spot now at the beginning of the drive, 2/3s into the drive, some at the VERY end of the drive. In total the 23gig SVI has 37 fragments; the drive is ~20% fragmented (750gig HDD,but only 57gigs used..might go SSD!)..with most of the fragmentation being the SVI Entries.

    Maybe it's OCD but I like my files in order..I'd like to be able to give Sys Restore an allotment of space and have it reserve it all in one chunk.


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