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  • We're seeing an issue in Project Server 2013 where we have a Project site (in SP2013) for a project originally created using Project Professional 2013.  Everything about the site appears to work properly, except recently the tasks lists has become inaccessible.  Anyone who is not a site collection administrator is seeing the following error when clicking on the "Tasks" link in the quick launch bar, "Sorry, you don't have access to this page", even though all the permissions are correct (setup as groups in SharePoint), and normal users should have access to the list (it doesn't matter if you have explicit access via the list, site, site collection, or otherwise -- doesn't matter if you're you have read access, contributor, or full control - if you're not a site collection admin, you get the error message).  There's no trace messages in the Event Viewer on the server, nor is anything being logged in ULS.

    The following are the steps we went through when originally creating the site.

    Using Project Professional 2013 (15.0.4433.1506) MSO (15.0.4481.1001) 64-bit

    1) Created project in Project Pro

    2) Chose save as type: project web app

    3) Created resources from AD group in project and uploaded to PWA

    4) Project saves and sync’s with no errors

    Other sites created similarly work, and new sites created (as of today) also work, so it's only this one site that's experiencing the issue.

    We believe it has something to do with the resources, and how they're being tied to AD accounts.  Originally we had the site created and published, and afterwards we added the resources we wanted via the Project Web App, but they didn't seem to match properly to our AD accounts, so we went back into Project Pro and added them that way, and then republished the project.  We cannot confirm if the tasks list broke after that time (it's not something we kept close track of), but we can confirm that these were the steps taken to add resources to the project, mainly as a way to add groupings, so that we could segregate users into groups for use in our reports.

    Perhaps someone with more experience in the world of Project Server can shed some light on why we're seeing the tasks list as inaccessible to anyone other than Site Collection Admins.

    Colin Phillips | Twitter: @itgroove_colin | Blog:

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    Tuesday, June 11, 2013 10:22 PM

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