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    I Have a customer that needs 2 x SQL server intances on same VM and now is the question what licesning model shud I use to get lowest price ?

    HW/VM conf;

    2 node cluser with 1 physical CPU per node and I have total 5 VM installed in that cluster but I need only SQL server (2 instances) on one of the VM.

    There are SAL or per core, if I use per core, unlimted number of users can acceess the SQL server, but that I think will be  to expensive way since minimum are 4 Cores (or vCPU) even if i only have 2 vCPU in that VM.

    So then Im left with SAL, but here is the question, do I have to count one license for all users in that AD or do I just count the amount really access the SQL server ? according to different articles I have found  you must be abel to give an report to MS for the SAL licenses used and how it is counted so that users how have "no license" does not use the SQL.

    It is not so big amount of users in the AD so safest way is to count all userver, but only 1/5 /(about) uses SQL access, this is maybe a separate question, but how is counted if there is a sofware of then server that will access the SQL server and doing all the "Job" and users are accessing the software on the server..., do I still have to count those users even if they not directly are accessing the SQL server ?

    Then they also have Microsoft Dynamics NAV and what I have read in different places, in normal "open licenes" cases those who are using NAV and other Dynamics sofware need not the Dynamics userCAL and SQL UserCAL.

    SO is that the case also here ? or is it so that if I also provide the Dynamics NAV licen via SPLA, is thé access to SQL "included" in that fee ?

    It is a jungle when it comes to licensing in the SPLA side and really no good docs that explain anything..., you start to think that does even MS thmeself know how everything is licensed ? because the MS distributor does not always know.

    Is there anyone out there that have some help for me I would be happy to get some advice.

    And yes, dont tell me to Call MS licensing department for help becuse I have never got any good answers from thos places, they always think "big" and think that a couple of $ or € (€ in my case) is not so important..., but this days then the competition between provides are "hard" then every "cent" is counted ! Key factor here is low cost but withing licensing "rules".

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