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  • First off a little background, we have created a task that populates the "Primary Owner" field with the creator of the tickets credentials through workflow already. This workflow runs after the creation of a new ticket when the follow criteria has been met (Status=Active, Primary Owner=Null & Source=Console). The Primary Owner field has also been disabled so that it can not be populated or changed manually. This works as designed and I am happy with the results.

    My problem is that when a ticket is created by another Source, such as the portal, the creator is set to the user credentials of the end user. Being that our end users do not manage the life of the ticket after they create the record, setting them to the Primary Owner is no good. \

    What I need to do is to create a workflow to set the Primary Owner to the Current Analyst workign the ticket in the console triggered when the ticket is intially updated meeting the following criteria (Status=Active, Primary Owner=Null, & Source=Portal)

    Also and at the very least:

    Create a manual tasks to "Assign me as Primary Owner" of the ticket and "Set Primary Owner" of the ticket that work much like the "Assign to" & "Assign to me" tasks.

    Being that the Assign to and Assign to me tasks are capable of doing this i'm sure at the very least the manual tasks would be more than achievable.

    Thanks Upfront for any Help you can provide me!


    Tuesday, May 29, 2012 1:47 PM

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