Create and manage up to 30,000 projects in Project Online and split project sites in multiple PWA's RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

    Microsoft has released a new post on April 3rd regarding Projects and project sites for project online, Below is the link and it says 

    In the past, Project Online only allowed for 5,000 projects. Today, that increases six-fold, enabling you to create and manage up to 30,000 projects in the cloud

    1. What is the 30k project limit, is it with one instance or entire cloud subscription?

    2. What exactly PWA here entire project online subscription or one instance in the subscription?

    3. Can I control which site collections my project sites are created in?

    A. You can set project destinations at the Enterprise Project Type (EPT) level. ( what exactly we can do need clarity on this answer)

    4. Please give your thoughts on the below lines what exactly we can do?

    One of these updates is the ability to create more project sites—also called subsites or collaboration sites. Before, there was a limit of 2,000 project sites. If you wanted more, you had to split them into multiple Project Web App (PWA) sites, impacting team productivity. Now, there’s a one-to-one relationship between projects and project sites. For example, if your Operations department creates 4,000 projects, it can also create 4,000 project sites across multiple site collections, boosting collaboration and information-sharing among project teams. Additionally, you can set the destination of these project sites in the Enterprise Project Type (EPT) template to help streamline project creation.

    Please provide your thoughts on the above asap so that it will be helpful for me to plan the architecture of our environment.

    Thanks in Advance!!

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    Wednesday, April 5, 2017 5:44 AM