When will slow Windows server 2016 updating be fixed? RRS feed

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  • I would realy like to know that too.
    I´m sitting here in front of one newly installed Server 2016 HyperV host + four S2016 VM´s which are not able to update themselves via Windows Update.

    It´s driving me crazy.

    I tried to install CU´s manually to get the latest Windows Update Agent and hoped it will change anything.

    No way!



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  • Hi


    Thank you for your posting. I’d like to confirm where you got the update, Windows update or WSUS?


    If build-in Windows Update takes long time to complete, please try to manually download and install update. Then check the results.


    If there are numbers of updates to be installed, it is recommended to install them one by one in a natural order of time sequence.


    If the issue still persists, I suggest that you enter your ideas in windows server user voice for more Microsoft engineer see this.


    Hope these are helpful.

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    Wednesday, December 5, 2018 2:40 AM
  • Hi,

    Sorry, but your suggestions are not helpful. I'm not getting the updates from WSUS.

    If you read the thread I linked, you'll see that people have tried your suggestions and none of them work. The difficulty is not in the downloading of the updates (although that certainly takes longer than it should) but the time it takes to install them and for the subsequent reboot to complete.

    This is a bug which people have been complaining about for over a year and which makes it vastly more difficult to patch your software in a timely fashion. I did take your advice to post at windows server user voice, where (surprise surprise), it's the #1 issue there.

    So, I return to my original question: When will this (finally) be fixed?


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  • I asked in the main thread whether Express Updates might help, but I haven't seen any indication that they have.
    Friday, December 7, 2018 3:58 AM