AppX applications like Edge and Photos does not prompt for PIN Storage for print queues when printing from a remote print server. RRS feed

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  • We are using HP Printers that have a 'secure print' feature.  We are not able to use 'secure Print' feature or for that matter, simple printing even when printed from apps like Edge, Photos, (and all metro/appx apps)'s only when Secure Printing feature is enabled on the Print Queue hosted on a remote server as well as same behaviour is visible from the Cloud Printing Solutions like PrinterLogic.

    Behavior: When a user tries to print to a printer with 'secure print' enabled (which is most of the printers in our organization), the print dialog to store the PIN for the Job Storage, simply does not come up and the single print job gets stuck in the queue, by splitting up into two jobs one with Status = Printing & other with Status = Spooling; now the print job is in the state thereby preventing any further printing until that job is deleted [Status changing to = Deleting-Printing & other with Status = Deleting-Spooling] and the spooler service is restarted on the print server (in our case, twice).

    I was hoping that a driver update from HP would fix this problem, but it did not. Problem is seen and reported on HP Universal Print Drivers (6.4.1 & 6.8.0 - Latest release not tested yet). The issue is with Applications Edge not accessing the driver correctly especially for storing the PIN/Password Prompt for the Print Job, not the driver.

    We have previously tried the option to Switch Rendering from Client Side Rendering to Server Side Rendering & then back to Server Side Rendering, few months later & the issue was resolved but now it appeared again.

    On Print Server we have a Spooler Service Restart for a fix, but on Cloud Printing Solutions like PrinterLogic its a nightmare and we cannot think of restarting Services related to Cloud Printing for a mere print job blocked on one Printer as they will have the global impact, on thousands of printers.

    Does Microsoft acknowledge this issue and do have a better workaround?

    Monday, November 9, 2020 3:17 PM


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