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    I'm wondering whether it would make any sense to find a way to schedule a defragmentation during Windows Updates schedule in Steadystate (when disk protection is off), or whether that would make no sense based on Windows Disk Protection eliminating any disk defragmentation when the changes are erased on reboot with Steadystate.  My guess is that scheduling defragmentation wouldn't do any good because as long as the disk wasn't fragemented when WDP was turned on, there shouldn't be any disk defrag'ing to be done after.  Any additional information would be much appreciated.



    Sunday, October 28, 2007 6:02 PM


  • Hi Library1,


    To the system drive, your understanding is correct. Unless you configured WDP to “Retain all changes permanently”, no change will be made to the hard drive. Thus, that’s no need to run Defragmenter again. In addition, Defragmenter will be disabled after enabling WDP, as defragment will damage the cache file, and then lead to unexpected problems.


    Regarding other partitions, as WDP will not monitor them, if you would like to defrag them, you can try some other defragment tools such as VXP:




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    If you have WDP disabled and would like to schedule a defragment task, you can refer to the following article:


    How to Automate Disk Defragmenter Using Task Scheduler Tool in Windows XP



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    Tuesday, October 30, 2007 2:18 AM