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  • I know this is basic stuff... but I hate Dell with every fiber in my being. I am trying to install a new computer to what I needed Ultimate (term Server to connect to network at work) I can't locate where to install this upgrade? I only get the install window that tells me to buy software from a online store. I got this from dell, (which isn't listed) So, I'm not seeing where to upgrade to the box version of Vista Ultimate.

    If anyone can help me, I would be most grateful!


    Saturday, April 21, 2007 8:45 AM

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  • Hi Adrienne,


    If I understand correctly, you have a Dell system with Home Premium preinstalled?


    If that is the case, I believe the standard proceedure for upgrading is to use the Windows Anytime Upgrade.  As I understand it, you'll need a special disc for doing the Anytime Upgrade (I don't think the standard disc works, but I could be very mistaken).  You can usually get these from the manufacturer (or MS?) for a cost (I think they're around $5-$10 but, again, I could be quite wrong).  The Anytime Upgrade allows you to upgrade your version of Vista while retaining your apps, data, settings, etc. or wipe out everything and do a clean install.


    My HP notebook came with Home Premium and an Anytime Upgrade disc so I'm drawing many of my conclusions from the documentation included with my system.  Be forewarned that doing an Anytime Upgrade with probably do away with some of the vendor supplied stuff (Mfg & Support Info in PC properties, custom help entries in the Windows help system, etc.), however Dell may offer some or all of this for download so you can reapply it after the upgrade if you so wish.


    Other items of note:  Dell will most likely no longer support the O/S install (and *may* require you to re-install the Dell-ized Home Premium to troubleshoot hardware issues).  When I inquired about support for an Ultimate Anytime Upgrade on my notebook, HP said they would no longer support the O/S.  Microsoft indicated they would support the O/S, but only for 90 days after initial install.  This is the best reason IMO *not* to upgrade to Ultimate on a pre-install since you lose your year (or whatever amount of time) of OEM O/S support (and re-installing will probably fix any software issues, so any software problems you have very well may 'go away' when you reinstall the OEM version to get O/S support).  Another consideration is that the recovery partition or discs will not re-install Ultimate, but only the OEM version.


    IMO the best reason to upgrade to Ultimate is the backup utility that will image your system for a later, complete recovery (including apps & data - something the OEM reinstalls don't offer to my knowledge).


    If you or your customer are dead set on upgrading to Ultimate, I would strongly suggest you contact Dell to ensure you follow whatever approved proceedure they have, or you may find yourself attempting the upgrade more than once.


    I hope this answers your questions.  If not, please reply with further clarification and I'll do my best to address your concerns.


    Tuesday, May 1, 2007 7:56 PM