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    Hi All,


    I'm trying to sequence a few applications which have Office Addins and not having any joy! Has anyone found the trick to sequencing addins with a local copy of office?


    This is the setup:


    Local copy of Office 2007 (Sequenced Office load time are to slow for our users)

    Sequenced application (working fine)

    Word and Outlook refrenced shortcuts from OSD to bring in virtual enviroment

    All Office virtual files set to MERGE

    Local Interaction set to TRUE

    Word opens with no errors and can see addins in the options page (load on startup) all the templates are loaded, but no addins are showing in ribbon?







    Tuesday, December 9, 2008 1:51 AM

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  • When you say..


     NJP wrote:

    All Office virtual files set to MERGE


    .. do you mean that you have set "Merge with local directory" -option in the VFS tab in Sequencer for each and all directories over there?


    The reason I'm asking is because that option assumes that you have matching directory on the local filesystem where you virtualize such directory to (e.g. you have C:\Program Files\Foo virtualized in VFS with merge -option, you need to have c:\Program Files\Foo on the client as well). Otherwise it won't show up in the client's VE and thus might be the reason why Office doesn't see you add-in..


    Also, I take that you first installed Office 2007 locally on the Sequencer (before monitoring, that is) so that the add-in was correctly registered into it (and to the VE)?




    Tuesday, December 9, 2008 2:35 PM
  • Hi Thanks for the reply,

    I have installed Office 2007 onto the sequencer and using the same admin file for the deployment to the local server hosting the App-V client.

    The merge option was only set on Office folders which exsist in both locations i.e. "Templates" folder, although I'm intrested in your comment regarding the folder must exsist in both locations as my understanding of the merge option is,  if a file is not present or the same file exsists in both location the App-V client will default to the virtual file?
    I'm also having the same issue with COM object plugins...! but I'll leave that for another post :)

    Thanks again,

    Monday, December 15, 2008 12:27 AM