Exchange 2003 send a spam


  • Our exchange 2003 server send about 50000 spam mail each day. We have disabled relaying from outside and from local network - only exchange server have permision for sending mail. In Queues there are a lot of SMTP connector which is sending spam, i stop the services and delete all mail from Queues which make that all unwanted SMTP connectors are disapeare from Quenes. This help for two days, and than again starts creating SMTP connectors for sending spam, more and more...

    Example in message tracking:
    Sender - xdnuh@yahoo.com
    Recipients - some@buffnet.net;diana@tasco.net;....

    A lot of spam is sending from postmaster@mydomain.com to x.y@yahoo.com,...

    Everythink is look like that I have Relay enabled on port 25, which is not true. I have run out of ideas, is any spam program installed on my exchange server or somethink like that?
    Friday, January 22, 2010 10:02 AM