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  • Hi there

    Im working in a new implementation of TMG 2010. I have some inquires respect to the SQL interoperability.

    1. I have two different physical location, CityA, CityB, in city A have 14.000 users and in cityB 6.000 users. According to the TMG 2010 capacity planning report, I shoud use 4 servers in cityA and 3 servers for cityB

    2. The TMG servers will be located in a DMZ.

    3. For cityA and CityB, I´m planning to configure one TMG Server as a EMS respectively, the rest of the server will be configure as arrays members.

    4. The TMG EMS should be located in the internal network or could be also in the DMZ?

    4. For load balancing, I´m planning to use NLB, and Two Nic´s, this is okay?

    5. Should I use and additional NIC for communication with the SQL Cluster? or with the TMG internal NIC its enough

    5. The TMG servers will be located in a DMZ.

    6. For logging storage, I´m planning to use SQL cluster (Located in cityA). This SQL cluster its located in the internal network.

    7. Also planning to use the SQL cluster (located in cityA) to store logging information of TMG array localted in cityB

    8. Using the same SQL Server imply use different SQL instances for each TMG array (cityA, cityB)

    9. There is any best practice for manage TMG logging information in a SQL?

    10. I´m missing something

    Any comment will be welcome.










    jueves, 2 de junio de 2011 6:15