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  • Les agradezco me indiquen los pasos para realizar la configuración para que cualquier consulta que un usuario quiera hacer a sea direccionada a Education, somos una institución educativa, y queremos que todo el acceso YouTube sea filtrado por el contenido educacional. Estas son las indicaciones de YouTube:

      CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING Options Depending On Your School's Network

      • A)  Add new HTTP header rule

        Modify your hardware filter or proxy server settings so that all outgoing traffic to contains the following custom HTTP header. The ID to use in the HTTP header configuration, written below, is an example of a unique ID for your school’s network only. If your school is blocked at the district level, this HTTP header is then unique to the district network.



        Field Name: X-YouTube-Edu-Filter
        Description: When YouTube sees this header and an accompanying valid school ID in the incoming traffic, YouTube will serve a limited EDU-only site to all computers behind the school hardware filter.
        Field Value Format: alphanumeric [a-z][A-Z][0-9]
        Field Value Length: up to 44 characters

        B)  Create URL parameter rewrite rule

        If your hardware filter does not support HTTP header modification, please rewrite all outgoing URLs to by appending the parameter “edufilter” at the end. <blockqoute>Exclude the &edufilter parameter from these file types: .css, .gif, .png, .js, .xml


      • REMOVE YouTube Domains Blocked

        Ensure the following top-level domains are not blocked:

        Your network should now be able to access the YouTube for Schools version of You will now be able to add additional videos for viewing by restricted accounts within your network and grant access to accounts for unrestricted access to YouTube content.
        Be sure to participate in our Google Product Forum to discuss ideas, ask questions, or give feedback.

      To Grant Unrestricted Access

      Administrators can approve accounts for unrestricted access here.

      To Add More Videos for Viewing Within the School Network

      Simply add each video you want to make accessible from within your school network to the playlist of the administrator account. You can create as many playlists as you need, all playlists belonging to the school administrator account will be accessible for viewing within the school network.

      Please propose any channels you would like us to consider adding to YouTube EDU here.

      To Propose Additional Channels for YouTube EDU

      We’d love to hear from you if you find a great educational channel you think schools around the world should be able to access as part of YouTube for Schools. Please first check YouTube EDU to confirm that the channel is not currently included in our corpus of educational. If it’s not, please let us know more about the channel by filling in this form.

      Please see our FAQs for more information.

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