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    I am looking for a solution/option, Where i can configure a group policy NOT TO APPLY to a specific AD group, users which are not part of that group should receive this policy (Basically All authenticated users except for those user who are member of concerned security group)

    viernes, 18 de mayo de 2018 11:33

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  • Hi!

    Let's have a look on how to exclude a user/group in Group Policy.

    1. Click on the selected GPO and in right hand panel it will list the settings.
    2. Click on delegation tab.

    3. Then click on the Advanced button.

    4. In window, click on Add to add the user or the group that you like to exclude.

    5. Then in the permission list, you can see by default Read permission is allowed. Leave it same and scroll down the list to select permission called Apply group policy. Then click on deny permission.

    6. Then click on OK to apply the changes. In warning message click on Yes. Now we successfully exclude user2 from the Test1 GPO.

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