How do I get sysprep to delete all user accounts?


  • When I send out a new computer to a customer, I install a "selection of useful programs" do all the windows updates and such.
    So after doing all this on a new laptop computer I ran sysprep.  Decided to see what it was like, so started the computer up.  I got the whole "Preparing computer for first use thing" was asked for a username.  I entered it, the same one as before and got, "User already exists" WTF?  So I try a different username, and then when windows loads it comes to the log in screen with 2 users!  The user I used to add all the programs, plus the user I created after sysprep.  How do I get sysprep to delete the user I originally created when I first started the computer fresh out of the box?
    To explain a different way.  What I do is take the computer out of the box, turn it on, let it do all of its install this, install that, create a user, lets call the user Tom (As required to go any further) then I uninstall some programs, add some, and run sysprep.  However sysprep does not remove the Tom account.

    I have read somewhere on here that sysprep does not remove user accounts, that it needs to be done manually.  So, dow do I delete the account I am currently using.  I need to use an account to delete an account.    Lil help please.

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  • The answer is: Use Audit Mode

    When you start your customizations don't go through the Windows Welcome wizard to create a user. Instead enter Audit Mode by typing Ctrl-Shift-F3 at the start of the wizard. The system will now reboot into Audit Mode and you are logged on as the built-in Administrator. You can now make the changes to the system and run sysprep when you are finished. Using this procedure you will not create a new user each time you modify a system. You can also delete the users you created earlier from Audit Mode.

    Ray - Author of Windows 7 for XP Professionals
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