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  • Buen día, se me ha enviado este correo diciendo que soy acreedor a una herencia de un supuesto familiar fallecido, me gustaría si pudieran rastrear el remitente del correo, ya que he recibido varios de este correo, 

    13,Rue Des Haoussas
    Fax: +228-2222-11-49

    Dear Valenciano‏,

    This is to acknowledge the receipt of your mail and prompt response to my request to you. I know that you will be a little bit skeptical about this matter but I am assuring you that this transaction will work out fine if you follow my instructions very well.

    Meanwhile,i will give you the necessary information about my deceased client in my next mail to you. I will also give you the procedures of the transaction and hope you will indicate your full interest after reading my mail.

    The money belonging to my client, that died with his entire family, is deposited with a security company here in Lome, Togo. Immediately you reply my mail,I will send to you, a text of application which you will fill and fax directly to the director of operations in the security company.

    Note that this transaction is Legal based on my co-operate positions and 100% Risk-Free in the sense that I am the personal attorney to my late deceased and I have all the legal documents that will portrays you as the original next of kin to the deceased and you should not entertain any atom of fear. I am very much aware about law regulations especially about inheritance issue. It will take just a few days to finalize this transaction upon submission of the application to the security company as next of kin to this deceased customer.

    If your willing to help me in this transaction and hope you will indicate your full interest after reading my mail. I will send to you
    the two necessary Documents in my possession by attachment copies as soon as the security company demands for them.

    We have to know each other very well so as to work like one family to achieve our goal with mutual benefit.You might not be related directly but bearing the name makes you legally qualified to this claims and i have documents to back up the transaction.

    Some personal questions:

    (1) Your Full Names------------------------- --------
    (2) Your Full Address----------------------- --------
    (3) Your Country of Origin------------------------ -
    (4) Your Occupation-------------------- -------------
    (5) Your Age--------------------------- -------------
    (6) Your Mobile Telephone Number--------------------
    (7) Your Private Email Address----------------------
    (8) Your Driving licence or International passport......................

    Also you have to guarantee me the following:
    1.That you will not cheat me when the fund hits your custody because I will provide all the information that will make the security company authenticate your claim as the next of kin to deceased and have the trunk released to you without delay.

    2.That you will keep this transaction confidential so that both side security will be guaranteed even after the transaction is concluded.

    3.That you will always consult me before taking any decision in relation to the transaction so that you don't make any mistake that will jeopardize the successful conclusion of this transaction.

    Now I think everything is very clear. I am only interested in getting this transaction successfully concluded. Since you are to stand as the NEXT OF KIN to the deceased person you will be entitled to 50% of the total sum while I will take 50% of the sum. I am not trying to be selfish or greedy since I know that we both have a role to play in this transaction respectively I know that 50% of USD10.5Million is enough for me till I die.Greed kills. All I need is your maximum cooperation and maturity to see that we finally smile together as one in few days from now.

    Please get back to me stating your position as this transaction requires utmost sincerity and maturity from both parties.I want you to have confidence and trust in me in this transaction.

    Some personal information about me:
    Barrister Timothy Johnson.
    Date of birth: 16/09/64.
    Place of birth: Kpalime Togo.
    Profession: Lawyer
    Passport type: Service
    Date of issue: 11/12/2008.
    Issuing body: The government.
    Passport No: A656500
    Date of expiry:10/12/2018

    I have a son and a daughter. My son Nelson is a Law undergraduate and my daughter Sarah is studying Medicine in the university. My wife sandra is a Midwife in the General Hospital.My nationality is Togolaise.

    Infact, I am going to send to you a draft text of application you will send to the security company for acknowledgement as the original next of kin to deceased. Kindly confirm the mail and reply immediately to enable me send to you text and application which you will fill and send to the security company Also, as per the successful arrangements made for the transfer of this trunk box will come from the security company,GLOBAL SAVE SECURITY AND FINANCE TRUST LOME-TOGO will tranfer the trunk box to your home address in your country.

    You can reach me with my direct number:+228-9007-6007

    Thanks and God bless.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Yours faithfully,

    sábado, 13 de diciembre de 2014 5:28

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