transfer program to the brick NXT RRS feed

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  • Hi everybody, this is my first post on this forum.

    Now, i have to make one program in MRS2008 (in VPL) to control Lego Mindstorm.
    I know the service Lego Brick IO (v2), but i don´t no how i have to configure.

    Exactly, exist the property "Copy File to Brick". When i use this property i have to configure the next target.
    " File Locator" and in value i put "D:\Light sensor" because this ist the folder where is my fyle to transfer.
    "File Data" and in value i put Application.mpl
    "File Name" here i put Prueba
    "Replace Existeng File" = false.

     I think that this is the property that i have to configure correctly. How i can make this?
     What ist the file or format that can to run on the Brick? 

     Recapitule, i want my MSRS program to run on the robot. How i can make this?

    Thank's very much.
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