blocked usb ports appear to work fine when you plug an usb key and reboot


  • It is strange that after I disabled usb in registry key (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\UsbStor, then in the right pane, find "Start" key, view it's value, (4=Disable USB Drives), I can still plug in usb jump drive to the computer and be able to read the stuff in the drive right after I reboot the computer. But after I unplugged the drive and plugged it back in, it won't work as expected. I wonder why it works first time after the computer reboots. 

    Any thoughts on this?

    Thank you very much!

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  • HI,

    Sorry for late reply. 

    Generally, it will performance normally after you reboot your computer. May we know if the usb has been plugging in on your computer? 

    Best regards

    Julie Amlly 

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    viernes, 13 de julio de 2018 8:03
  • USB was not plugged in when I reboot my machine. After rebooting, I plugged in USB drive and it worked. Then I unplugged it from the computer and plugged it back in. It did not work as expected. Based on my research, it seems that the only way to disable it completely is to disable it in bios. But then it is difficult to re-enable it if needed. When the computer boots it might be looking for a bootable USB and making it available. Then once windows loads the USB is already active so the registry settings don't prevent it because its already available. when you re-connect, the registry settings take over.

    Any advice or suggestion will be greatly appreciated!!!

    viernes, 13 de julio de 2018 12:29