Stop and Start SCCM OSD Task Sequence


  • Hi,


    I was looking to write a task (vbscript or exe) which when executed would stop the task sequencer from running any further. This task will note the next step number to be run.

    Next, I wanted to write code which will start the SCCM OSD Task Sequencer executable with a specific step for execution.


    Any help here will be appreciated.





    martes, 30 de septiembre de 2008 22:29


  • This can be done.. sort of..

    You can write to the registry (or anywhere) the last step you are on.  You would need a condition to successfully exit the task sequence.  Then add conditions to every step (or group) to skip the steps that have already been run.  The task seqence would need to be re-run from teh begining, but the conditions would skip the previous steps.


    John | Program Manager | System Center Configuration Manager
    sábado, 08 de mayo de 2010 20:55