Problems with a Server 2000 a dump file is saved RRS feed

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    Hello everybody,


    Recently I have problems with a Server 2000, it´s restarted, leaving a saved dump which is very big to open it. I´ve been looking for Microsoft Site but the only it says is that send the file to them.


    Does someone know why happen this?




    martes, 9 de septiembre de 2008 15:51


  • Hi ,


    If you have the dump , you can open it with the Debugging Tools, you can download the tool from the Microsoft Site.

    After that , you have to configure your WindBG for use the correct symbols, and execute an !analize -v for see the output.


    You can see the following article

    NOTE : This forum is for LATAM users that talk in spanish , but you have also the English forums Smile


    Anyway , i will try to help you.


    Best regards.

    Sebastian del Rio 

    martes, 9 de septiembre de 2008 17:03