Actualizo a ITMU V.3 Pero no obtengo las ultimas actualizaciones RRS feed

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  • Buenas, he actualizado la versión de microsoft update tool´s para tirar contra el archivo pero no consigo obtener las actualizaciones en español de windows xp del mes de abril, la de los demas sistemas operativos si.

    Si veo el fichero de log

    me encuentro lo siguiente:

    nitialized log file - SyncXML started at 28/04/2007 0:42:38
    Sync task started with command-line = /s /site SMSW3K /code TT1 /package
    PP10002A /target \\SSMS0W3K\PackageSrc
    User Account: administrator
    User Profile: C:\Documents and Settings\administrator.PRISACOM
    Command line specified folder to update as \\SMSW3K\PackageSrc.
    Command line specified package to update on DPs as PP10002A
    Command line specified site code: TT1.
    Command line specified site server: SMSW3K.
    Download completed -
    Download completed successfully.
    Trying to calculate hash on
    C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1.PRI\LOCALS~1\Temp\ $$<Software Updates
    Scan Helper><Sat Apr 28 00:42:59.183 2007 Romance Daylight Time><thread=5092
    Trying to calculate hash on \\SSMS0W3K\PACKAGESRC\ $$<Software
    Updates Scan Helper><Sat Apr 28 00:42:59.292 2007 Romance Daylight
    Time><thread=5092 (0x13E4)>
    C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1.PRI\LOCALS~1\Temp\ and
    \\SMSW3K\PACKAGESRC\ were found to be same. $$<Software Updates
    Scan Helper><Sat Apr 28 00:42:59.605 2007 Romance Daylight Time><thread=5092
    Distribution points will not be updated.
    Checking if patch preapprovals are supported by site SSMS0W3K
    Patch preapprovals are supported by site SSMS0W3K, proceeding with catalog
    Updating site catalog: CATALOG="\\SMSW3K\PACKAGESRC\"
    TYPE="Microsoft Update" SERVER=SMSW3K SITE=TT1 PACKAGE=PP10002A
    LCID=3082,1033 MAXAGE=0 ADDLOC=3082,1033
    UpdateWUSCatalog(00:43:00): Processing security catalog
    UpdateWUSCatalog(00:43:00): Connected to \\SMSW3K\root\sms
    UpdateWUSCatalog(00:43:00): Connected to \\SMSW3K\root\sms\site_TT1
    UpdateWUSCatalog(00:43:02): SMS_ApplcableUpdatesSummaryEx class does not
    support ScanPackageID property, link records will be inserted separately
    UpdateWUSCatalog(00:43:02): Loading updates cache from database
    UpdateWUSCatalog(00:43:07): Loaded cache with 3101 updates from database
    UpdateWUSCatalog(00:43:07): Initializing catalog
    \\SSMS0W3K\PACKAGESRC\ for synchronization.
    UpdateWUSCatalog(00:43:14): Synchronizing updates from the catalog to the
    UpdateWUSCatalog(00:43:51): WARNING: Skipping update 310768 as its bundle
    updates are missing
    UpdateWUSCatalog(00:43:51): WARNING: Skipping update 310766 as its bundle
    updates are missing

    -- 300 mensajes como este ------------------------------------------------

    UpdateWUSCatalog(00:47:19): Processing time: 0d 00h 04m 19s
    Loaded "C:\SMS_CCM\smscstat.dll"; the module handle is 0x01030000.
    $$<Software Updates Scan Helper><Sat Apr 28 00:47:20.509 2007 Romance
    Daylight Time><thread=5092 (0x13E4)>
    CreateSMSStatusMessage() succeeded; the status message object handle is
    0x021CF678. $$<Software Updates Scan Helper><Sat Apr 28 00:47:20.556 2007
    Romance Daylight Time><thread=5092 (0x13E4)>
    ReportSMSStatusMessage() succeeded. $$<Software Updates Scan Helper><Sat
    Apr 28 00:47:21.009 2007 Romance Daylight Time><thread=5092 (0x13E4)>

    El problema parece ser que no me inserta en la base de datos determinadas actualizaciones, como podría solucionarlo??

    A ver si alguno puede ayudarme.

    jueves, 3 de mayo de 2007 23:27

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