Problems with internernet connection


  • hello guys

    i have just changed my net company from dsl to ethernet cable and i am haveing this problem: after i spent some time on the web with chrome or mozilla (latest browsers) comes a time(like after 25 min or 30 min) when i cant open any webpage even why my torrent is still working and at the control pannel says i am connected to the internet but at the same time skype stops at the same time as the browsers do.Every time that i restart my pc the net comes back and the browsers work again.

    I have noticed this to, that when i change the pc from desktop to my laptop the laptop connects and desktop no, only if i restart it than the desktop has no prob but again after like 20-30min the problem accours again.

    Any help out there.(sory for my english)

    domingo, 07 de julio de 2013 7:27

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  • just to add something else i use a routerboard sxt of mikrotik, and the problem happened to the laptop to while i was downloading some videos from the youtube with idm
    domingo, 07 de julio de 2013 9:30