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  • Hi all.
    I need to change the root site template. Microsoft conservative solution is to recreate the site this time with the correct template.
    The problem is that we already have several subsites and a bunch of documents.
    What I'm doing is kind of a migration, I mean I created a new site collection (in different port, for instance 8090), and I'm
    using the stsadm tool to export / import the sites to this new location. 
    After that, making sure everything is OK in 8090, I will delete the root site (in port 80) an as I said I will create it again but this time with the correct template, then I will do the imports to bring back things.

    Do I made myself clear?
    Is it correct what I'm doing? Any technical aspect that we have to know? suggestions?
    Thanks in advanced.
    Alex Market
    miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2009 21:44