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  • Hi Good day

    We are having an odd issue with all lists on our sites when attempting to select a filter for a column.  When clicking on the menu drop down for any column instead of having a filter list displayed below the Ascending and Descending choices only "Loading...." is shown.  At the bottom of IE appears an error which states, "Line 9, Char 4, Permission Denied, Code 0,... then list the url to the list & the list id.  This appears to affect all users across the board regardless of access rights.  I am an admin on the server box, sharepoint, all sites, etc... and I experience the same issue. 

    One temporary fix was to select the "All items/task", click ok on the next page making no changes, then the filter would display correctly but only for a few minutes or until browsing away from the site then coming back.

    Any suggestions or questions please post as we are out of places to look.

    Thank you!

    martes, 10 de septiembre de 2013 15:34