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  • Existe alguna forma de automatizar el apagado del equipo cuando existe corte de enrgia electrica, antes que al UPS se le agote la bateria
    jueves, 2 de noviembre de 2006 18:46


  • Claro que si se puede y es parte de la configuracion de las opciones de energia de Windows

    La siguiente informacion referente a la automatizacion del apagado de Windows mediante UPS, se encuentra en "ayuda y soporte técnico"  / "Help and support" del propio Windows Server 2003.


    Using a UPS device

    You should use the following services in combination with the uninterruptable power supply (UPS) device that you select for your computer: UPS, Alerter, Messenger, and Event Log.

    To configure the UPS service, in Administrative Tools, select Services then Uninterruptable Power Supply. You should base the configuration on the features supported by the UPS device that you are using. The three supported features are:

    • Main-power failure detection.
    • Low-battery detection.
    • UPS shutdown capability.

    To determine the correct settings, read the user's manual for your UPS device carefully, or contact the manufacturer. Based on the features supported by the UPS, you might have to enter additional settings under Details in the UPS tab.

    The UPS service can be controlled in several ways. One way is to configure the settings in the UPS tab in Power Options. A message appears and asks whether you want to start the UPS service. Another way to start the service is to select Services from Administrative Tools.

    The Alerter and Messenger services are started automatically when the system starts. The Alerter service sends alerts to selected users, and the Messenger service sends messages to your local computer and to other users on the network. All detected power fluctuations and power failures are recorded in the event log, along with UPS service start failures and server shutdown initiations.

    To ensure that the computer is protected from power failures, test it by simulating a power failure; that is, by disconnecting the main power supply to the UPS device. Your computer and peripherals connected to the UPS device should remain operational, messages should be displayed, and events logged. Wait until the UPS battery reaches a low level to verify that a graceful shutdown occurs. Restore the main power to the UPS device, and check the event log to verify that all actions were logged and there were no errors.

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