rdpshell.exe Server2008R2 SP2 problem RRS feed

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  • I have a WINDOWS Server 2008 R2 Service pack 2 with the remoteapp and some aplication published.

    When the client leave the sesion open but with no activity, only some times (very few I have to say), the sesion is blocked. The client can not access properly event the local programs and no access to the remoteapp windows open.  The client has to shutdown all the process within the remoteapp windows and after 1 minute, he can conect to the remoteapp aplication with no problem.

    If the IT manager shutdown the rdpshell.exe process running for the client in the server, the client is asked to login and after that he go on with all the window of remoteapp working with no problem.

    sábado, 21 de abril de 2012 17:46