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  • My computer is 6 years old, my graphics card died recently and I switched to the video driver on the Intel mother board.  I am running Xp. 

    How can I test to see if my computer will run direct9 x?

    If it does not, can I still use windows 7?
    domingo, 22 de marzo de 2009 8:04


  • Bummer about the video card.

    If you're running XP, odds are quite excellent you've already got DirectX 9.0 installed - especially if you've got SP 2 installed.

    You can run DXDIAG.EXE from the XP Run box, and it will tell you the status of DirectX. The thing is, with Windows 7, DirectX 9.0 isn't what you need to be testing for - in Vista it's DirectX 10 and in Win 7, it's DirectX 11.

    It might simply be easier and faster if we knew video chipset you're motherboard has on board. You can find that information in the device manager.

    Your video subsystem may actually work - though, it may or may NOT do Aero, however.

    Fortunately, these days you can find Vista (and Win 7) compliant video cards in both AGP and PCIe that will do Aero dirt cheap. The GeForce 7300 GS I bought when testing Vista works rather nicely and 3 years ago, I got it for about $60.

    One other thing you can try to see if your video subsystem is up to the task - download the Vista Upgrade Advisor from Microsoft. If it doesn't complain about the video for Vista, odds are it should work just fine for Win 7.

    You can get the Vista Upgrade Advisor here:
    domingo, 22 de marzo de 2009 8:41