Can't print signed emails in OWA using Exchange 2010 R6 RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I have an Exchange Server 2010 V14.01.0355  with one CAS/HUB and two Mailbox server. The CAS/HUB server is hosting OWA access and for some reason any user that want print a signed email in OWA gets nothing.

    The issue occurs as following:

    1. User access OWA using premium interface (Using Internet Explorer 9 / Windows 7 64).
    2. User open an signed email (signed from other user from inside the organization).
    3. User clic "Print Email"
    4. Nothing happen

    In normal circunstances the Print Email button, opens a new windows with the print preview of the message, in this case, nothing happeng (no pop up blocked / errors).

    We've tried to restore the IE configuration using this kB and remove - add IE from control Panel and nothing seems to works.

    So far we shutdown the AV (Using McAfee) and others programs, but nothings works, even, using Windows 7 in Failsafe mode doesn't mark any difference.

    Some body thinks about any other things to review?

    Any help will be really appreciated




    viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013 15:27