Active Server Pages Error "ASP 0241"


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    We just posted the same issue a few hours ago on a previous post, but feared it might not be noticed as the post does seem a bit dated - hence posting again.


    We're using ProClarity Analysis Server v6.3.2217 on Windows Server 2003 R2 and have not upgraded ProClarity or Analysis Services recently i.e. the configuration has remained the same throughout, yet, an unexpected issue cropped up yesterday where the following symptoms were witnessed -


    1. On the Libraries web page (on individual users' browsers), we see the error:


                Active Server Pages error ‘ASP 0241’

                CreateObject Exception


    2. When attempting to open a book, we see the following error:


                The website cannot display the page


    3. In the event viewer for the ProClarity Analytics Server Administration Tool, there were a number of errors around this time, predominantly:


                Error: File /pas/en/src/PHomeRight.asp CreateObject Exception. The CreateObject of '(null)' caused exception C0000005

                A trappable error (E06D7363) occurred in an external object. The script cannot continue running.


    While we couldn't find any conclusive posts on the web, a simple restart of the IIS service seemed to solve the issue, temporarily at least. However, the same issue resurfaced this morning and just as yesterday, all business users lost connectivity and faced similar issue(s) as above. When we restarted the IIS service, we noticed that while Professional access seems to have returned, accessing any item using Web Standard results in the following error message:


                Your request could not be completed. Please click the ‘Back’ button to try again.


    Could you please help us get to the bottom of this issue and implement a permanent solution? Any thoughts would be appreciated.




    jueves, 01 de septiembre de 2011 10:42

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