• Its been awhile since I have had to deal with Loopback processing.

    My situation is that we have VDI's that we want any users to go through a specific Proxy.

    Currently, I have a GPO that sets no proxy for all users in the Company, lets call it IE-Users.

    I have a GPO that sets Loopback Processing to Merge linked to my VDI OU.  I have created a GPO, VDI-Proxy-Users linked to the VDI OU.

    The VDI-Proxy-Users GPO has User Configuration\Preferences\WindowSettings\ControlPanel\Internet Settings\Internet Explorer 10\Connections configured to the Proxy Server.

    The Loopback GPO has Authenticated Users filtered. The VDI-Proxy-Users  filtered against my test VDI computer object.

    The Proxy Server setting is not getting applied.  GPResults show that both GPO's are being applied, but the IE-Users GPO is winning the Proxy Server setting.


    viernes, 13 de julio de 2018 15:45


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