Trust relationship between workstation and primary domain failed


  • Hi, 

    we have a huge problem yesterday. it started like at mid of the day...

    clients facing problem while trying to login on the domain they get the error "Trust relationship between workstation and primary domain failed" and "Currently no logon server available to service this request".

    we have 3 DC on Root and 4 DC on Domain Level. after troubleshooting we found that the replication between one of the Root DC is failing. but after sorting the issue with replication does not help in the issue faced by clients.


    the number of the machines on domain are increasing with the same error. for resolving the machine we are doing some manual task of disjoin and join the machine to domain. 


    but the number increasing are also affecting the machines at remote areas.


    Need an Urgent Help to sort this issue ... 

    martes, 12 de julio de 2011 9:13


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