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  • Good afternoon!!

    I´ve working for 6 monts with WSUS on mi WAN, i´ve a central server (Windows server 2008) & 13 remote sites (windows server 2003), all the updates that was aproved on central servar was replicated and installed in all clients, local and remotes, I had a GPO for every site linked to the apropied server. Every thing was working perfect.
    I´m deployed SCCM 2007 in the central server as a primary site, I had changed WSUS to WSUS SSL (8351 port), after that  I reconfigured the remote sites to work with WSUS SSL central site, they still working fine. I Added the Software Update Point roll in the primary site, and deploy the client using Software Update Point Client Installation Method and created a GPO to install the certificates required.  Every thing was working perfect!!! The local clients had been updated with the Software Update Point using Deployment templates and packages.

    After that I reinstall WSUS on 2 remote servers using SSL too. Aplied de GPO to this remote clients to install the certificates required. The clients still reporting to the servers an the servers still sync whit the central server. I installed a Secundary site on the remote server and added the Software Update Point roll and Management Point roll, checking they´re Default Management Point, on both secundary sites, but any remote client has been updated.

    I can´t see any error on the SUPSetup.log on the secundary site:

    <02-19-2010 11:23:09> ====================================================================
    <02-19-2010 11:23:09> SMSWSUS Setup Started....
    <02-19-2010 11:23:09> Parameters: D:\PROGRA~1\MICROS~1\bin\i386\ROLESE~1.EXE /install /siteserver:CNFSRV01 SMSWSUS
    <02-19-2010 11:23:09> Installing Pre Reqs for SMSWSUS
    <02-19-2010 11:23:09>         ======== Installing Pre Reqs for Role SMSWSUS ========
    <02-19-2010 11:23:09> Found 0 Pre Reqs for Role SMSWSUS
    <02-19-2010 11:23:09>         ======== Completed Installion of Pre Reqs for Role SMSWSUS ========
    <02-19-2010 11:23:09> Installing the SMSWSUS
    <02-19-2010 11:23:10> Correct and supported WSUS Server version is installed.
    <02-19-2010 11:23:10> Invoking process "C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\RegAsm.exe" "D:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\bin\i386\wsusmsp.dll"
    <02-19-2010 11:23:26> Registered DLL D:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\bin\i386\wsusmsp.dll
    <02-19-2010 11:23:26> Installation was successful.

    This are the configurations, (Before and after), i hope you can help me.

    Remote Site (Before)
    Update Source and proxy server:
    Server name: sitecenter
    Port Number: 80
    Use SSL when syncronizating update information: Disabled
    This Server is a replica  of the upstream server: Enabled

    Remote Site (Now) (with SCCM installation)
    Update Source and proxy server:
    Server name: sitecenter
    Port Number: 8531
    Use SSL when syncronizating update information: Enabled
    This Server is a replica  of the upstream server: Disabled

    Properties: Software Update Point Component
    Active software update point  on remote server is light gray and can´t be changed.
    Active Software Update Point: Enabled
    Port number: 8530
    SSL Port number: 8531
    Allow intranet-only  client conections: Enabled
    Sync Settings:
    This is a child site and will sync for its parent WSUS Server.
    All the options ar disabled, i can´t change them.

    On Reports of SCCM i can see that the updates are aproved but on WSUS reports they aren´t... What i´m doing wrong??? i´ve triyed changing some of this options but wasn´t work. Some body has any idea??? thanks.

    lunes, 1 de marzo de 2010 23:37