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  • Hi:

    We're thinking about using FCS as an antivirus solution for all of our customers; the problem is that we have a lot of customers with only one server and with less that fifteen clients, and, as far as we know, FCS seems not to be very suitable in this kind of networks due to the need of SQL Server licenses and the need of setting up WSUS, but we're not totally sure about this; the question is:

    - Is possible to deploy FCS as an antivirus solution using SQL Server Express edition or even without using SQL Server at all (in this kind of installations there is not big reporting or monitoring requeriments)?

    - Is it possible to configure FCS clients to update directly from Internet or from a local repository without needing to setup WSUS?

    - Is it possible to run FCS in a little network without AD?


    miércoles, 26 de mayo de 2010 17:48