I bought a laptop w/ windows 10 and really want windows 7 help

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  • Of course you can degrade to Windows 7 from Windows 10, but you need a valid Windows 7 product key. However, a bad news is that we cannot buy any Windows 7 product key because this product has been stopped.

    Windows 7 iso here, if you have a key you can download it and install.

    If you don’t have a key, I suggest to continue using Windows10, it’s not a question of money, just no way to buy it.

    The time evolve and the Windows evolve with it, Windows 7 will be completely end support on Jan. 14 2020, Windows 10 is the latest product of Windows series, has more modern functions and features, maybe you will feel inadaptable at the beginning, but once you are familiar with it, you will get more happiness, just like Windows 7 gradually replace Windows XP in formerly.


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    miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2018 7:19
  • Windows 7 is end of OEM resale, meaning you cannot buy a copy anymore.. Beyond that, you will also have hardware issues, as not all machines support the windows 7 OS, so you may not have a compatible BIOS, and Microsoft has put in place an annoyance to stop you from updating windows 7 on unsupported hardware, you will also have issues with applications, sound, video, network, etc.. Unless the machine you bought was a Commercial grade machine, not a home or consumer machine. 

    I would honestly suggest just using windows 10, or if you must, You can always go server OS.. They have a much longer support, but they aren't what i would call cheap.. 

    Server OS: 

    2008 = Vista

    2008R2 = Windows 7

    2012 = Windows 8

    2012R2 = Windows 8.1 

    2016 = Windows 10

    NOTE: You will need to do some modifications to server OS's to support the desktop interface you are used to. 

    You can get a 2008R2 Trial Key from here:

    For 360 Days.. (Rearm it every 180 days, to equate to 360 days) 

    Good luck.. 


    miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2018 17:12
  • There are many people that upgraded from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 during the free period.

    There may be one or more people that have yet thrown away their Windows 7 or 8 disks.

    See if you can find a friend, neighbor, or relative that has the old disks.

    Support for Windows 7 is scheduled to end in 2020.

    miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2018 20:50