AutoAttendant not work after migrating mediation server RRS feed

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  • Good morning,

    I appreciate your cooperation in my case, I'm ending with the migration of OCS 2007 R2.

    All Plan Dial, Voice Policy are migrated correctly and normalization rules work. For new infrastructure Lync mediation server is integrated with the FE, at this time incoming calls only work with the mediator OCS.

    Because when routed is a Cisco gateway to point Lync as mediator, he allows the call incoming AutoAttendant reaches, which answers calls dial # if you know the ext, ext requested there and show connected but it is there, and says it is not correct. Not allows the call progress and either sends it to the mailbox, but the mediator of OCS, if everything works normally revice traces and messages with the snooper but can not find anything, not if I'm choosing the components in the wrong tool for loggin logs leaving the AutoAttendant but I get errors, I can help me please?

    jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2011 15:39


  • the theme was incompatible with the Cisco gateway, made ​​the following configuration:

    Both Lync 1.Disable REFER on Cisco GW and Mediation Server.
    2.On Lync Mediation Server, disable TLS and SRTP. Secure connectivity is not supported.

    and immediately the service perfect working, anyway thanks for your help and good intentions.
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