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  • hola piquete: tengo un controlador de dominio con win 2003, y quiero poner un exchange 2003 en otro servidor que solo va a estar en el dominio , no va ser controlador ok , es un servidor nuevo, pues despues de instalar el win2003 sp2 y meterlo en el dominio , me pongo a intalar el exchange, cuando le paso el forestprep me da el siguiente error:
    - to install the first exchange server in a domain, or to run setup in /forestprep mode you must be an Exchange Full Administrator at the organization level. You must use an account that has been granted the Full Exchange Administrator role on the Exchange organization using the exchange Administrative Delegation wizard

    no osbtante , cuando le paso el domainprep me dice: - MI dominio  has been identified as an insegure domain for mail-enabled groups with  hidden DL menbership. Hidden DL menbership will be exposed menbers of the built-in ¨pre-Windows 2000 Compatible access¨security group. This group may have been populated during promotion of the domain with the intent of permissions to be compatible with pre-Windows 2000 server and aplication. To secure the domain, remove any unnecesary menbers from this group.
    despues de aceptar esta indicacion se instrala el domainprep

    No osbtante me dispongo a instalar el exchange y a mediados de la instalacion me dice : Setup detects that your Active Directory schema has not been extended for use by Exchange 2003. Some Exchange System Manager functionalty will not be available until Setup is run with the /ForestPrep switch.

    miércoles, 13 de mayo de 2009 16:59