Problems with exchange, getting an email that is for an outside recipient y all the SBS mailboxes RRS feed

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  • Hi, i am having this problem. Whenever we send an email to certain email adress we all get the same email in the organization as if it was tied to the domain or organization group.

    Im using SBS 2003 Premium R2

    Maybe i configured something when i installed the server the first time to have this as an organization email but i dont remember.

    I tried to use this solution: http://www.amset.info/exchange/restrict-internetmail.asp but when i tried to create the contact it says that the contact is already created in the organization.

    Some one knows a way to fix this? Thanks in advance.

    miércoles, 13 de abril de 2011 13:34


  • I solved this,

    I just needed to convert my organization distribution group to a local only group opossed to as a universal group that is default in SBS 2003.

    Now i can have some rest :)

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