How to properly set up my specific scenario?


  • First off let me say that i tried searching for an answer but i dont really know what to serach for so if this has been answered before, i applogize. If this is posted in the wrong forum, kindly let me know and i will repost in the correct forum.

    Here is what i have:

    2 VMs, both running Win Server 2008 R2.

    1st VM: Running DNS, DC

    2nd VM: Running Exchange 2010 with the 3 basic roles (CAS, Hub Transport, Mailbox)

    Domain purchased from and pointing to my external IP.

    Here is what i want:

    Have website hosted on 1st server using IIS. Someone should be able to type in and be directed to a site hosted on the 1st VM.

    I also want to be able to connect to OWA from the 2nd VM. A user should be able to type in and be directed to the 2nd VM running exchange.


    How can this be done? How do i get to pull from the 1st VM, and to pull from the 2nd VM? Is this configured in the DNS on the 1st VM? Is it configured on the godaddy website? Am i supposed to be linking to the DC/DNS server 1st and then to the exchange server or is that not the proper way to set this up?

    Like i said, i dont have a whole lot experience with this and look forward to any suggustions or recomendations. If more information about the server configuration is needed, please feel free to ask.


    9. června 2012 19:55