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  • Hello all

    I am helping a client with an Exchange 2003 to 2010 migration. In the Exchange 2003 environment they have disabled "strict name checking" on all the Exhcange 2003 servers, this allows the IT staff to not have to remember the name of one of the Exchange 2003 servers, they simply point the outlook client to "" and the outlook client connects. Now in the Exchange 2010 environemnt i noticed the client is doing the same thing. Example if the mailbox is on a 2010 mailbox server, the IT staff can type "" in the outlook client and the outlook client will connect to the mailbox thats on a 2010 mailbox server. When i found this out i tried to explain to the client that Autodiscover when configured correctly will configure the client to point to the Cassarray. Furthermore whats even stranger is if you manually enter in the Cassaray name in the outlook client, the client is not able to connect to, however if you enter in "" the outlook client is able to connect to the mailbox thats on 2010. I pretty much told the client that he is in an "unsupported configuration" and that the outlook client must connect to the Cassaray name directly and not get redirected by going to "" and lastly to top it off the client has Exhchange configured in a 3 node DAG (two in the mail site and the third node in the DR site)

    I'm 90% sure this is probably an unsupported configuration, but wanted to confirm.


    Bulls on Parade

    11. června 2012 3:13

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  • Hi
       According to your saying, your Casarray seems to be broken. You can fill in fqdn of two cas server and test it again.
       Do you install mailbox role and cas role on same server ?

    Terence Yu

    TechNet Community Support

    12. června 2012 2:49