"KHI: Too many failed message tracking requests via task" in Exchange 2010 SP1 management pack?


  • I asked this over in the SCOM Management Packs forum, and no one has any information for me other than "Don't do so many message tracking requests" and file a bug on connect for the lack of Company Knowledge, so I thought I would see if anyone here has any idea what is causing these alerts to be raised?

    I am seeing the above alert now that I am running Exchange Server 2010 SP1 management pack version

    Bing shows nothing on the error, and clicking on the useless "External Knowledge Sources" link in Product "Knowledge" brings you to a 404 "Page Not Found" page.

    I have noticed that in almost all the alerts I get now, whicch at least seems more homest than thee ones I have been getting for the last two years that say "Thank you for clicking the link that brought you to this page. We do not currently have an article to resolve this specific issue. Your attempt to get to content for this alert helps us prioritize the Exchange Server 2010 Management Pack alerts for which we will be providing detailed explanations and user actions."

    Anyway, back to this alert - what is it, and how do I resolve the issue that causes it?

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    Thursday, June 30, 2011 8:40 PM


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