OWA 2010 Session Timeouts with ISA Server


  • Trying to configure ISA Server as a front end to Exchange/OWA 2010 and cant' seem to get the idle timeout settings to function correctly.   The problem is that our security department does not want the public/private options presented by forms-based authentication to be displayed.   They want a static timeout setting configured for all users coming in through ISA server.     So we've configured the ISA OWA Web listener to do basic authentication (with ssl of course) in order to eliminate the FBA splash screen,  but the session timeout settings apparently only apply to a FBA web listeners.  

    Does anyone know how to configure session timeouts without using FBA?      Or if I have to use FBA,  how can I eliminate those public/private options and just prompt for a username/password? 


    Monday, June 14, 2010 4:59 PM


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