Problem with connecting and downloading email from microsoft exchange account set up on mac mail


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    Wonder if anyone else has encountered the same problem setting up Microsoft Exchange 2007 account on Mac Mail.  I have set up my microsoft exchange account (my hotmail email) on my recently purchased Mac Mail.  However, it cannot seem to connect to the server and download any of my mail, giving the error: 

    Unable to connect

    There may be a problem with the mail server or network. Verify the settings for account “Exchange” or try again.

    The server returned the error: The connection to host on port 443 failed.


    It shouldn't be due to my network problem as I have other email accounts set up on Mac Mail (my gmail account) and it is connecting and downloading email fine.  Only the microsoft exchange account gives a triangle warning sign, can't connect and gives this error.  Could I have some help on this?  Have called up Mac phone support, they told me that it should work except for certain settings that are wrong (default settings on mac mail may not suit my hotmail microsoft exchange account).  Have tried tweaking some of the settings (changing the port, typing in the full email address instead of just the username but it all doesn't work)...

    They redirected me to this website:, the section "Microsoft Exchange 2007 (EWS) specific questions", instructing me to seek Microsoft customer support to furnish me with the details before they can help me with the settings.  

    Could any professional technical staff from Microsoft help?  I was told over the phone from Microsoft customer support to post my problem on this forum as they, as the customer service, are not qualified enough to address and solve this issue.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help :)

    Saturday, April 16, 2011 12:52 PM


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