Large ammount of ~.TMP files and Outlook


  • We have recently seen alot of users here that have a large number of .TMP files in C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxxxxx\Local Settings\Temp that begin with ~DF and then a sequential number (~DF6BD.tmp).  Some users we've seen with over 6000 of these files.  They have to be manually deleted when the user is logged off.  I believe I've tracked it down to Outlook as the culprit.  After reading some posts in the web and using Process Explorer to search for  couple of the files names, it came back with the OUTLOOK.exe process as having a lock on them.  Users complain that their IE browsing is slow and general PC slowness so we clean these .TMP files out and it seems to speed up.  Our configuration is Windows XP SP2 with Office 2003 SP3 connected to an Exchange 2003 server.  We also have McAfee VirusScan 8.w/ 0i patch 16 and ISS BlackIce firewall version 8 installed. 


    Could it be McAfee not releasing controll of those files so they can be purged when Outlook closes or is this a bug of Outlook? 


    Any ideas? manaully deleting them on 500+ machines every couple weeks has become a chore!

    Friday, March 28, 2008 4:00 PM