Tracking Tab in Outlook 2003 Missing after /resetfolders


  • Hi,

    We are currently trying to resolve an issue with Phantom meeting requests popping up on Blackberrys.

    In the course of investigating this we renamed the Calendar Folder and issued the "Outlook.exe /resetfolders" command to try and discount the calendar holding corrupt msgs.

    After doing this and importing the meetings back into the new calendar we have noticed that all the tracking info for the existing meetings has gone and when you view a meeting request and then try and close it it states it has not been sent yet and would we like to send it.

    These meetings were sent originally in the original calendar folder but have obviously been lost due to the recreation of the Folder.

    Can this data be restored ? I would have thought the meeting itself kept that info or at least the exchange server ?

    Update:   I've done some testing and found a way to preserve the Tracking info by using the MFCMapi tool and copying meetings from the old calendar to the new one...

    Question still remains as to how can I recover the old Tracking info from above...As I have stated above the Calendar Items were exported out to a PST file and then imported back in... now if the trackling history is lost whats the point of the export function ? It needs to export all data.... why does it not do this ?


    Tuesday, March 02, 2010 7:29 PM

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