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  • I don't care how many threads this may already be a part of. But this has to be fixed. I have experienced this problem in Outlook 2003, 2007 & 2010 w/ both an Exchange 2003 & Exchange 2010 backend (different points in time). My C-Level bosses are tired of it, my users are tired of it and I am tired of it. The whole "use OWA" doesn't always work, neither does using my SmartPhone. I thought it would go away with a new SBS 2011 deployment, but no.

    And by the lack of responses from MS, they have no clue why this happens either. Sure, one MVP made a comment about how a particular flag isn't clearing, but come on now, across a minimum of 3 different versions of Client Software and 2 versions of Backend Software, I think that is bogus. If it was as easy as forcing the flag to clear, you would think this would have a hotfix by now. Nearly every one of my users has had this happen at least once.

    It seems to be how Outlook/Exchange is handling Conversations and not tagging the correct message-id, or the order in which things are saved. I bet if the updates were sent, and then the meeting was saved and closed (without changes in the event) then this would spawn. So.....STOP CHECKING SAVE DATES/TIMES AND START CHECKING HASHES!!!

    It seems that my last paragraph about MS Executives and their assistants got filtered. So, MS Executive Assistants, start complaining to your tech department about this issue so the rest of us can get it fixed!  If MS Exec's new that this issue existed and is the bane of C-Level management everywhere, then we wouldn't be waiting going on 6 years to get this fixed!

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    I am not quite understand the exact issue you encounter. Can you please detailed the symptom or capture a screenshot of the error message when the issue happens.



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  • We are having the same problem. What happens is this: A recurring meeting request is sent out. First time around it registers on everyone's calendar properly. Now an update to that meeting is sent by the original person to all the original people. When they try to accept the meeting a message is displayed stating that "You have received a more recent update. Responding to this request will result in out-of-date information on your calendar. Are you sure you want to respond to this meeting?" When you say Yes the accept message is sent but nothing happens to the calendar. The old time is not changed and the new time is not added. It doesn't seem to matter if you have access to someone else's calendar or not. Same result. It also doesn't matter if the meeting change is making the meeting sooner or later--same message. Thanks for any help.
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  • We are going to try something. We think it has to do with Daylight savings time zones. The sender sent the original recurrences before the autumn time change. She then had problems on her computer with the time change we we fixed. These errors started after the time change this fall. We are having everyone delete all occurrences of the meetings. The sender will thens resend the recurring meetings again. We will then see if that corrects the problem. Will post if it did or did not help.
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    Is there any update on this thread?



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  • DST is definately not our issue.  What we have been doing since our SBS2011 migration is deleting all recurring meetings, telling the users to manually remove them from their calendar (if they didn't get the email or cannot accept the email) and then recreating the meetings.

    To note, we use GoToMeeting a lot, and there are Outlook plugins for that system.  GoToMeeting has its' own set of pain in the tookus issues, but it doesn't seem related to that. I've pursued that avenue and it looks fine.

    It's real easy, create a recurring meeting with multiple recipients, have that meeting once or twice, change that meeting and send out that change.  Now, it is a crap shoot whether or not it will break, and even if it does, it won't break for all users, and is apparently random.

    At first, I thought it may be our smart phones causing the issues, because if it didn't work in Outlook, many times it could be accepted on the phone.  Then, if the phone wasn't working, OWA was the last resort.  Unfortunately, that last resort doesn't always work.

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  • I was very disappointed to find a dead thread...

    Office 365 migration has presented very similar issues with us five years later...

    Wednesday, December 21, 2016 2:38 PM